란디 전도자의 감격의 편지
2012-09-19 12:27:33
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함께 기도하며 세워가는 발렌수엘라 교회가 잘 되어감을 감격하며 편지를 보내왔습니다. 전문을 그대로 여기에 옮깁니다.

Dear brother Eddie,

How are you? The grace and mercy of our dear Lord and Savior be upon you, your family and the congregation.

I would like to thank you for your unceasing prayers for the growth and stability of the work in Valenzuela. The Lord God has been listening to all our pleas and now showering us many of His blessings. I'm so happy to inform you that the congregation is now growing faster than normal through the best effort of our preacher brother Edgardo Maquiling. He's been relentess in his work night and day as long as there is an opportunity to preach and teach, he gladly do it.

Just this evening he baptized another sister by the name of Donna. Last week and this past Saturday he's been baptizing. And according to him, there are some more he expects to be baptized next week.

There are a lot of work the Lord provided for us in the past days and as a result there is an overwhelming positive influence and favor in the community the church enjoys. The Lord has enabled us to do a number of Relief Distributions and a Medical Mission helping hundreds of people; and thereby giving us quite an impressive number of Bible Study leads.

Please continue praying for us and for the growth of the church in Valenzuela. Thank you for your partnership in the Lord's work. May the Lord enable you more for good works in His kingdom.

Let us praise the Lord! God bless.

brother Randy

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